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OOOH – pick me! February 17, 2010

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LOVE this dress – perhaps a perfect dress to wear to weddings this year?  Now, to decide whether to splurge…or hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to win it!

Or how about this pillow?  I love that the i is lowercase.  This would be super cute in L’s room.


Beach Safety July 9, 2009

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Hello out there!

I haven’t blogged in so long that I’m not sure that I still have readers (did I ever have readers?).  Having a (now) 7 month old in my life has really slowed down my crafting and blogging about my crafty endeavors, yet has put sunshine in my life in so many ways.  Never-the-less, I have been (slowly) working on some projects that I will share shortly.  And, despite my disappearance from the blogging world, I have been READING blogs.  That is a lot easier to do than finding the time to write about your own crafting adventures.

One of the blogs that I regularly read is that by earthchick.  She annually reflects on the day that her cute little son disappeared from the beach to be found buried in the sand (alive, thank goodness!).  He had fallen into a hole dug into the beach.  I actually discovered her blog shortly after she first wrote about this event, which tore at my heart.  It tugs at my heart strings even harder now that I have a baby of my own to look after.

I feel as though information about water safety is everywhere and in the forefront of everyone’s mind when visiting the beach.  Apparently sand hole collapses are more common that one may believe and the majority of them result in death.  There are a few things that you can do to prevent such a tragedy from occurring:

1. When you arrive at the beach, always check for nearby holes left by others and fill them.

2.  Do not dig holes any deeper than knee height of the shortest person in your group. 

3.  If you dig holes, fill them before you leave (the hole earthchick’s son had fallen into had been left by another party).

4.  Make sure that the others that you go to the beach with know that holes and trenches dug into the sand can be dangerous and that they should let an adult know if they see any such holes. 

Hopefully by spreading the word around the blog-waves we can prevent a tragedy from occurring.


It’s amazing it fits under our bed October 8, 2008

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Taking a cue from another knitter, I decided to estimate how many yards of yarn that I have in my stash. 


The result:  15,873 yards of yarn. 

That’s approximately 9 milesApproximately the same distance from our house to our friends’ houses who live up in “the Wake”…


I’ve never thought that I have much of a stash.  I typically just buy yarn for a specific project that I work on and complete before moving on to the next one, but in recent years the temptation to buy yarn just because I like it and then look for a pattern seems to have crept into my habits.  Apparently those single skeins, in addition to the three or four sweaters worth of yarn that are just sitting there waiting for me to find the right inspiration, can really add up. 

I think it’s time for a yarn purchasing hiatus and a mandate to knit only from my stash.  Of course, this should start only after I get the yarn for John’s sweater…