Musings of a self-taught crafter

About Me August 26, 2008

This is Me

I’ve decided to dive into the world of craft blogging for two reasons: 1) to create a single location where I can keep a log of all of the details of my craft projects, and 2) to work on strengthening the right side of my brain, which seems to have taken a backseat due to my daily work activities and my natural tendencies toward left “brainedness”.  I will try to keep the content fairly craft related (mainly knitting, with some crochet, beading, sewing, and other random interests thrown in), but I am sure a bit about the rest of my life will sneak in here or there.  However, while reading other people’s blogs I do like to learn a little about the background of the author, so on this page I am attempting to provide a little of that for anyone who is interested.

I grew up in a small town in Maine and moved away to attend college and moved further away after completing college.  Although I do miss being surrounded by the abundant natural resources that I grew up around, I don’t have any great desire to move back to my hometown.  In sharp contrast to my rural upbringing, I currently live with my husband and little girl in a populated area of New England where people seem to despise trees and other green matter, an attitude (among others) that has me longing to move into a less populated, yet more opportunity balanced, area (someday soon, right honey?).

I am an epidemiologist conducting research in the public health arena.  My work is very math and science focused, hence the need to nurture my creative side.

This is Crafty Me

I first picked up a pair of knitting needles on my return to college after winter break of my senior year.  I decided I needed to teach myself a new activity so that I did not feel guilty when I wasn’t working on my senior thesis (isn’t distraction from what really matters wonderful?).  My mom talked me through the basics while driving 65 miles per hour the rest of the way back to campus.  Since that fateful car ride I have been a self taught knitter (with a little help from my husband’s grandmother). I think this speaks volumes about my knitting habits (or, should I say, bad habits).

Although I have been knitting for years, I feel as though I am still a beginner in many ways.  I know that is not entirely true and I don’t give myself enough credit.  Now, I often pick knitting projects that are a challenge to me and that help to expand my set of skills.  I have found that by doing this my confidence in my knitting ability grows with each finished object.  Still, there is something to be said about the repetitiveness of stockingknit stitch when the brain needs a rest.

Knitting is not my only interest.  Throughout my lifetime I have dabbled in beading, drawing, card making, cross stitch, and sewing, all with mixed success.  Lately I’ve found myself drawn to sewing and have pulled out my inherited 1970 Singer (thanks Mom!) more and more often.  I have bigger dreams, but they may have to wait until I have a better, more reliable machine and a dedicated work space.  My poor Singer is a work horse, but it is getting tired and cranky and there is only so much that can be done when working on the coffee table and having to put everything away at the end of the evening.  I have definitely inherited the “stashing” gene; thus, there is an abundance of yarn, fabric, paper, beads, and other crafty sundries stored under the beds of our house.  I believe this is just facilitates spur-of-the-moment creativity (and it doesn’t hurt to have when you need a last minute gift or card!).