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The Original Kick-Proof Booties December 17, 2009

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L wearing the pair knit by my mom (left) and the original pair knit by my great-great aunt (right)

This pattern has a bit of family history to it.  My great-great aunt knit a pair of these booties for me when I was born.  My mom loved these booties because they were the only thing that I couldn’t kick off my wiggly feet.  I dressed my Cabbage Patch Kid in these booties throughout my childhood.  Somehow, despite my using them as doll clothes, my mom saved them for when I had a baby and they were still in excellent shape.  Last fall, before L was born, my mom looked high and low for the pattern and  she was able to find it thanks to Ravelry’s pattern database.  She gave us the original pair from my great-great aunt as well as a new blue/green/purple variegated pair she knit.  I can attest that these booties are kick-proof, a definite sanity saver to a new parent.  We dressed L in these booties almost exclusively last winter and into the spring.


Pattern: Christine’s Stay On Booties (pattern link) (rav link)DSC_0323

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet – 1 skein each of colorway #10 (blue/maroon/dark green) and #13 (blue/pink/purple)

Needles: Set of 5 size 3 dpns

Size: 0-3 months

Gifts for: Baby Boy PSC and Baby Girl AGM

Modifications: On the blue pair I continued the 4 row/4 row knit purl pattern on the top of the foot so it continued the whole way up the booties, just as my great-great aunt had done on the original pair.  For the purple/pink pair I made eyelets on a diagonal across the top of the foot and spiraling up the leg.  I liked modifying the details for each pair – it not only makes each individual, but it also kept me interested! Hopefully these booties are helping to save the sanity of the new parents this winter.


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