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New Parent Sanity Savers December 8, 2009

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Most of our friends got married around the same time.  So, as expected, we find ourselves at the start of a baby boom right now.  And with numerous expectant first time parents comes numerous baby showers!  I have found that my ideas of an appropriate baby gift has changed since becoming a new parent and, thus, I now give everyone my “New Parent Sanity Saver Kit” containing a swaddle blanket, booties (details to follow), and burp cloths, as well as the frequently overlooked but very useful diaper bag items  (stain remover, pad of paper and pencil).

Wanting to make the items a bit special and individual, I’ve been having fun creating burp cloths by dressing up your standard cloth diaper, which we found to be the softest and most absorbent of all of the burp cloths we used.

DSC_0162 (2)For Baby IMM

DSC_0318 (2)For Baby AGM

I added the animals on each of these using the same technique as I did for L’s nursery art, sewing around each before attaching the panel to the burp cloth.  I did find that the size of each diaper differs ever-so- slightly, making measuring each one separately a necessity.

DSC_0002For Baby PSC

For the third set I used scraps from a coordinating project (to be discussed here in the near future) and pieced them together in a faux quilted look.

I hope the recipients enjoyed this personal touch.  I know that at least one set has been put to use.  Thankfully these are a pretty quick project and therefore easy to whip up for a baby shower.


One Response to “New Parent Sanity Savers”

  1. cath Says:

    So pretty! I’m sure they will love them!

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