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Reentering the blogosphere December 2, 2009

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The last time I posted was July?  Really?  That doesn’t seem possible.  I recognize that my blogging has been sporadic at best this year, especially since returning to work after maternity leave months and months ago.  Being a new and working mom has left me with little time and energy to be creative.  When I do find the time, though, I’d rather be crafting than blogging about crafting.  I hope that you can forgive me.  I do find a little bit of time most evenings to cuddle up with my project du jour and I’m finding plenty of inspiration on the web and Ravelry.  And, with a backlog of projects to blog about, there should be regular blog posts to look forward to in the weeks to come!  Stay tuned for the coming attractions…

As a side note:  Sew Mama Sew is kicking off the Season of Giving by hosting a Giveaway Day.  They coordinate one day where anyone with a shop or blog can give something away.  It is amazing how many creative people there are in the world!  Take a moment or two to enjoy clicking around the participanting  sites.  Who knows, you may find some inspiration for your next project.


2 Responses to “Reentering the blogosphere”

  1. Rosalind Says:

    Thanks so much for your kind comments and entry, I couldn’t reply via email so hope you don’t mind me commenting here 🙂

    Kind regards,


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