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Button-Up Herringbone Cowl January 22, 2009

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It’s winter.  I’m always cold, thus, I always have a scarf wound around my neck at all times of the day.  However, scarfs can be bulky under coats and I sometimes get sick of having them draped down all the way down to my waist and getting caught around my arms while I move.  So, I decided to join the bandwagon and knit a cowl to match my new mittens.  Cowls are definitely a great alternative to scarfs, yet most are designed to be pulled over your head, thus mussing up your hair – not that I ever actually do my hair, yet static is not a style I’m wanting to sport.  So, I decided to play around with designing a cowl that closed using buttons.  I searched through Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns and fell in love with the Woven Diagnonal Herringbone pattern.  I’ve written up my pattern to share with you.


Button-Up Herringbone Cowl

dsc_0013-2I’m in love with the end result, which is both sleek and warm and I think the stitch pattern showcases the variation of the Manos del Uruguay yarn beautifully.  As evidenced by the pictures, I don’t “do” my hair.  At least this cowl won’t make it look worse!



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