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2008: Year in Review December 31, 2008

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I started 2008 just wanting to take more time to craft and to work on improving my skills.  I also became much more involved in the crafting community, through joining Ravelry,participating in two swaps and the Ravelympics, and starting this blog.  Overall, I would call 2008 a rousing success.

The 2008 Tally:

1 Adult Sweater (Crossover Jacket)

1 Afghan (daffodil)

2 Toys (Dobry the Duck, Baby Bobbi Bear)

1 Pair of Socks of my own simple design

3 Baby Sweaters (Pea Pod Baby Sweater, Baby Soft Cardigan, Oz Vest)

2 Baby Hats (Pea Pod Baby Hat, Cable Rib Pull-On Hat)

2 Baby Mittens, both of my own design to match the hats (Pea Pod Baby Mittens, Cable Rib Mittens)

2 Bookmarks (Red Sox Bookmark (my own design), beaded bookmark)

3 Quilted Wall Art Pieces

2 UFOs (but not for too much longer, hopefully)

I also ended the year with a valuable lesson learned – it is okay to frog a project that is just not right.  I frogged two projects this year, a pair of socks and a sweater.  I think I’ll definitely retry the socks at a later date on new needles that are more appropriate for the yarn, but the sweater is doomed to the frog pond forever, as I just don’t think that it is the right sweater for me.

I am excited with all that I’ve accomplished this year.  For the next year, I don’t feel that I can set lofty goals.  I foresee my biggest challenge for 2009 being fitting in crafting into my role of being a new mom.  I guess we’ll have to see how well I do!

Happy New Year!


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