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Creative Nesting October 23, 2008

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 Our baby’s due date is less than 7 weeks away. 

(Deep breath)

We’ve been busy over the past few months preparing the baby’s room and doing a kitchen “face lift” in preparation for the new addition to our family.  Formerly the office, the baby’s room currently sits empty, awaiting the delivery of the crib and dresser that are arriving this weekend via our wonderful families. We’ve been working on both rooms for most of the summer and all of the fall, making great progress thanks to numerous helpers, yet I’ve had an overwhelming sense of nightmare-spuring dread that we wouldn’t complete our projects in time.  My urge to nest has grown infinitely stronger with every passing day. I can’t wait to begin to put the rooms back together and to clean.  I just want to feel that we’re ready to focus exclusively on the little one that will, in a few short weeks, expand our family from two to three.


I found inspiration to make my own art for the baby’s room during a Google search this summer. I instantly fell in love with the free form quilt decor project and decided to embark on creating my own versions.

 I sketched several animals and flowers, and combinations of the two, finally deciding on a turtle, a butterfly, and a combination of a bird and flower.  I started with the two smaller frames, since they didn’t seem as intricate.  Using my sketches as the pattern, I cut out each piece, pinned the individual pieces to the background fabric and batting in the appropriate location, and zig zag stitched around each of the pieces.  A little embroidery thread and fun-shaped buttons and colorful beads and my artwork was ready for display.


In the middle of working on these small frames, I called my mom for sewing machine advice (my sewing machine is her old, but trustworthy, 1970 Singer) and she came up with a brilliant suggestion to reduce the “fiddilyness” of sewing around each small piece – iron on fabric adhesive.  I am in the process of employing this suggestion with the piece for the large frame, thus far with much success.  I’ll post a picture of the project once complete.

I absolutely love all three of the pieces and cannot wait to see them hanging in the baby’s room.  I also have many ideas for a variety of projects using this technique.  But first, I need to take a break from the crafts to get the room ready for the baby’s arrival.


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