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It’s amazing it fits under our bed October 8, 2008

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Taking a cue from another knitter, I decided to estimate how many yards of yarn that I have in my stash. 


The result:  15,873 yards of yarn. 

That’s approximately 9 milesApproximately the same distance from our house to our friends’ houses who live up in “the Wake”…


I’ve never thought that I have much of a stash.  I typically just buy yarn for a specific project that I work on and complete before moving on to the next one, but in recent years the temptation to buy yarn just because I like it and then look for a pattern seems to have crept into my habits.  Apparently those single skeins, in addition to the three or four sweaters worth of yarn that are just sitting there waiting for me to find the right inspiration, can really add up. 

I think it’s time for a yarn purchasing hiatus and a mandate to knit only from my stash.  Of course, this should start only after I get the yarn for John’s sweater…


One Response to “It’s amazing it fits under our bed”

  1. cath Says:

    he he he–that is how I started. Only buying for a project–but somehow all those projects just did not happen. And my stash fits into a small cabinet–yarn is squishy, and sock yarn is very thin. Maybe I will take a picture, because, really, it does not look like nearly a marathon of yarn.

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