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Starting and Stopping October 3, 2008

Filed under: 2008,Finished Objects,Knitting,Sewing,Works in Progress — blueberryblues @ 3:04 pm

My February Lady Sweater is going nowhere…fast.  I have made it through the garter stitch yoke and my progress since then has just, well, stalled.  I made myself work on the lace pattern last night while watching the VP debate last night and ended up off by two stitches somwhere along the way, totally messing up the lace pattern (I’m blaming Palin’s distracting winks and “you betcha” utterances).  To top it off, I’m not even sure I’m a lace kind of girl and wonder if I will enjoy wearing the finished garmet.  I have no desire to frog it back to figure out where I went wrong and, even if I do, I don’t think I’ll have this sweater done in time to enjoy it since I’m knitting it a size larger than normal to accomodate my pregnant and postpartum self (or is hoping I’ll be back to my pre-pregnancy size just wishful thinking?).  I think this project needs to go into hibernation mode, at least until I am prepared to make a decision about what to do with it.


In the meantime, I joined a little swap for expectant mothers.  I’ve just finished my little knitted item that will be part of the package that I will send off to my swap partner.  I refuse to post the finished item on my blog until the package is received so that I don’t spoil the surprise, but since the package is not supposed to be shipped until about a month before her due date I couldn’t resist providing you with a little sneak preview of the item.  I can see another one of these items being made when a certain Chicago Bears fan decides he’s ready for fatherhood…


Don’t even begin to think that my giving up work on my February Lady Sweater will mean that I won’t have anything to keep me busy.  Our kitchen is currently in a state of disarray as layers of primer and paint are being applied to the cabinets and other surfaces (thanks to numerous volunteers).  My involvement in that project is minimal since babies and paint fumes don’t really mix, so to occupy my time until I can help reload the cabinets I have two projects ready to start.  The first is the sweater I promised to knit for my husband as an anniversary gift.  I’ve finally chosen a pattern that he seems to like and I just need to measure him and to buy the appropriate yarn.  I’m also excited to start the second of the two projects – some art for the baby’s room using these fabrics.  Both projects should keep me busy and out of trouble as the kitchen remodel continues.


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