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Serves me right… September 18, 2008

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There are two legitimate reasons why I am not productive at work today – 1) there is a contractor ripping out and replacing the stairs to the emergency exit that end right outside my office window and 2) there is a fleet of NStar trucks working on the telephone pole at the end of our parking lot, a mere 30 feet next to the contractors.  It’s a bit loud and there are many distractions here at work today.

So, I’ll write about my current knitting project…

I joined the bandwagon and have been working on knitting the February Lady Sweater.  I dug out of my stash some Misti Alpaca Worsted yarn in a lovely navy blue (so soft!) and casted on.  I’ve worked a few rows a night, as my pregnancy energy level and brain power allow.  I was doing okay until a few days ago when I ran into the second lace repeat where you separate the sleeves while maintaining the gull lace pattern.  I think I worked for a whole night on this row (at least a good couple of hours) because the number of body stitches on left on my needles just didn’t add up.  No matter how many times I counted.  My husband was ready to take the needles out of my hands to ensure that I didn’t begin to cry big, uncontrollable pregnancy tears.  One day and some internet searching later, it turns out that I’m just slow to realize that there were errata and a corrected version was posted the day after I printed the copy I was working off of.  I’m now past the point in the pattern where there were errors and happily working on the lace repeats.  So, no harm done – and it’s nice to confirm that my pregnancy brain can still count and do simple math late at night!

Now to keep my fingers crossed that I have enough yarn left to complete this project!


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  1. John Says:

    Blog cheater…

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