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I own a sheep! September 6, 2008

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A few months back I entered a yarn giveaway hosted by Susan of Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm (a bonus, I won the 6 skeins of beautiful blue baby alpaca!).  After I entered, I decided to check out the farm and instantly fell in love with the sheep (specifically, this one and these two).  My husband and I have been enjoying our share of vegetables from our CSA all summer and the idea of community supported agriculture appeals to both of us.  So, after I raved about the farm and going on endlessly about the cute sheep, my husband decided it would make a perfect anniversary gift for me and invested in a share of the Spring 2009 shearing.  An exciting surprise!

So, I own a sheep!  I can’t wait to get my hands on the yarn sometime next year.  But, until then, I will have to research how to dye yarn and work on whittling down my stash to make room for the incoming goodies.


One Response to “I own a sheep!”

  1. cath Says:

    Very cool!!
    Kool Aid dyeing is very easy and fun (and no scary chemicals, just the frightening thought that people actually injest Kool Aid).

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