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My Phelpsian Achievement August 29, 2008

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I thought I’d kick off my knitting blog by sharing my latest finished objects.  I recently participated in the First International Ravelympics Summer 2008 hosted by Ravelry.  The challenge:  To start a personally challenging knitting project during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games and complete it by the time the flame was extinguished. 

I choose to knit the Pea Pod Baby set.  This is my first project where I had to decipher a lace chart, something that took my brain a minute to get used to.  I was a bit apprehensive about whether I would complete my stated goal, regardless of the small size of the items, in time since I have a history of letting projects drag on, knitting a row here or there.  I think having the set deadline (and a baby on the way that just needs a sweater to keep her warm this winter) made me committed and motivated to get to work.  And, other than one small imperfection that apparently only I can see, I’m quite happy with the result.

Pattern:  Pea Pod Baby Set by Kate Gilbert.  This pattern was originally available as a web-only pattern through the Summer 2006 Issue of Interweave Knits, however it is no longer available.  I was lucky enough to have printed a copy just prior to it being pulled out of circulation.

Yarn:  Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in red (color #340700).  I used 3 skeins total for the sweater and hat.

Size:  0-3 months, 13 inch hat

Notes:  The pattern was extremely well written and easy to follow – it made me feel like a pro.  Unfortunately, I will have to wait until December for the baby to arrive to see how well it fits, but it looks like an appropriately sized baby item.  I love Kate Gilbert’s patterns and cannot wait to attempt more of them. 

I love this yarn!  The color is the perfect red (not too orange, not too dark) for a baby who is due in December.  The yarn was amazing to work with – one of the most luxurious yarns I’ve ever used (this is going to be one lucky baby!).  I choose silver buttons with flowers on them that remind me of poinsettias, which I think work perfectly with the leafy lace motif.  The only downside to this project is that I purchased 5 skeins of yarn based off the pattern requirements, but I only ended up using 3 skeins total (for the hat and sweater).

I deciding not to knit the lace motif on the crown, instead opting for simple stockingknit.  I think that the simplicity of the crown combined with the patterned ribbing perfectly compliments the sweater and keeps the details of the sweater in center stage.

Although I did have a gold medal performance and get to bask in the limelight on top of the Ravelympic podium, this was not the only knitting I completed during the olympic games.  I apparently underestimated the amount of knitting that I could complete during the short time the Olympics were run.  While the sweater pieces were blocking, I casted on and completed the second sock belonging to a pair that I had begun in the beginning of August. 

Wicked Good Winter Woolies

Pattern:  My Own, created using the basic sock instructions from the Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules! book.  I just created your basic sock and used the eye of partridge heel. 

Yarn:  Artyarns Supermerino.  I’m not sure what the official name or number of the color is, but it’s variegated with blues, greens, and purples.  The colors remind me of the mountains, lakes, and flowers in Maine.

Notes:  These are only the second pair of socks that I’ve ever knit, so I cannot believe that I’ve managed to create my own pattern.  I love the yarn.  It’s soft and smooth and I can’t wait for the weather to turn cooler so that I can wear these all of the time.  These are definitely not the most exciting of patterns, but I think it compliments the yarn nicely.  I’m happy I took notes so that I can use this simple pattern again.


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